Do These Weight Loss Tips Really Work?

Weight loss tip #1: Fluids.

This one is big. Some people will tell you to drink a full glass of water before and after each meal. Maybe even take a sip between each bite. Many people recommend green tea and other tea for weight loss. Some studies suggest coffee aids in weight loss.

Here are my thoughts: I do believe the research that suggests thirst can be mistaken for hunger. There are times I think I am hungry and then drink a glass of water to discover that is what my body was calling for. I find tea to be helpful to prevent me from snacking (these three teas in particular). As soon as I sit down in front of the tv for my favorite show I IMMEDIATELY have a strong urge to snack. Because of this I have cut down on the amount of tv I watch, but when there is a show I want to see, I make myself a big pot of tea and sip on this throughout the show rather than downing 3 family sized bags of chips. Just be careful if you are adding milk or sugar. That can add up fast without you realizing it.

P.S. If you have the tendency toward binging on snacks while binging on Netflix, I explain why that is in this post.

Coffee is a mixed review. It curbs my appetite for a short time, but then my appetite comes back twice as hard an hour later, followed by some irritability when I crash which makes me want to binge on sugar. I find lattes extremely satiating and they don’t seem to give me the same peak and crash effect. I would drink lattes all day but they’e so dang expensive. Coffee does help me workout longer and harder, which should in theory help with weight loss, however I find that when I workout twice as hard my appetite works three times as hard and I end up gaining more weight than I would otherwise.

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Weight loss tip #2: Gum and cigarettes to curb appetite.

This is your typical teenage take on weight loss. Of course, all the smokers I know are skinny as twigs, but it should go without saying the consequences from nicotine is NOT worth any weight loss advantage! I only put this in here because I know many people who use this method. And I want to put on the record that it is NEVER worth it.

Gum on the other hand may be a better solution. However, if you’re chewing gum all day the sugar will add up quick. If you’re a sugar addict like me I’ve found that chewing just one or two sticks of gum a day when my sugar cravings kick in can help a lot. If you’re a boredom eater get a sugar free pack.

Weight loss tip #3: Workout until you want to faint.

I found this advice word for word somewhere. And even though it’s a bit of an exaggeration, (unless you have an eating disorder, then it might be literal) I’ve already expressed my opinion on how working out isn’t always the best method for weight loss. Let me clarify: it should be a part of your lifestyle and if you can workout daily that’s great. But I know many who, when trying to lose weight, put 100% emphasis on exercise and not on the food they’re eating. And they get frustrated that they see no results. See I can eat 3,000 calories in 20 minutes (not exaggerating), but it would take me over 6 hours of straight running to burn that off. Most of us don’t have that kind of time to burn off our excess calories. So unless you’re an athlete, the first part of weight loss should be the food (80% food 20% exercise). Still workout, but don’t make that the main method.

young female athlete training alone on treadmill in modern gym

Weight loss tip #4: Take cold showers and snap yourself with a rubber band when you want to eat.

I also see this advice a lot, but usually on weight loss sites who’s name I shall not name. (Seriously, these are terrible sites and if you don’t know what I’m talking about good and if you do please take that advice with a grain of salt. It is difficult not to come across them when researching weight loss tips so it’s worth addressing here.)

I’ve never tried the cold shower approach because I don’t have the willpower. But I assume a cold shower will get your adrenaline pumping and studies show that when you’re in that flight or fight mode your hunger will disappear. It’s evolutionary. If our ancestors were running from a predator and had to stop to eat out of hunger they would have died. I experience this myself when, after a hard workout, the thought of eating repulses me.


I can’t see snapping a rubber band against your wrist causing the same sympathetic nervous system response, and it seems like a punishment for just feeling hungry, which is a totally normal and natural thing. I don’t understand this tip at all and it seems to me like part of a disordered behavior.


Weight loss tip #5: Buy clothes that are too small for motivational purposes.

I’ve never purposefully followed this advice, but there have been times in the dressing room when something was a tad too small and I shouldn’t have bought it, but then I went, “It will be good motivation for me to lose weight” and bought it anyway. This never works, and I have a pile of clothes I will probably never wear. As much as I love the Pinterest pictures of people finally fitting into that size 2 or size 4 dress, don’t waste your money.

Weight loss tip # 6: Celery burns calories, eat all the celery.

Fiber: good. Only eating celery? Bad. Eat your fiber, but get some variance and nutrient rich foods in there.

Celery juice in a mason jar against a white wood background

What are the craziest weight loss tips you’ve heard? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

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