Favorite Tea for Weight Loss

  1. Peppermint tea


Peppermint tea has that strong taste that will overwhelm your tastebuds – in a good way. When I am craving junk food a cup of peppermint tea will cure that 80% of the time. Studies actually show peppermint tea can curb appetite and reduce cravings. Rather than going for another cup of coffee (especially if it’s in the afternoon/night) I will make a cup of peppermint tea to keep me satiated.

2. Stress Relief tea


I’m an emotional eater. Bored? Eat. Sad? Eat a lot. Happy, surprised, angry, stressed? Any emotion makes me want to eat. But especially stressed. Drinking a cup of stress relief tea will not only fill me up so I’m not as likely to binge, but it will also calm me down so the urge to do so isn’t as strong. I also just love the flavor! Read about how I stopped stress eating here.

3. Green Tea Antioxidant 


Green tea is probably the #1 tea recommended for weight loss. But I’ll be honest, it’s a difficult taste to acquire. This Green Tea Super Antioxidant tastes different from traditional green tea. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but I can drink this all day. And I love anything with antioxidants, even if it’s just marketing.


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