Fitness Journey Post COVID Shutdowns

I’ll share a secret with you all. During the recent global pandemic lockdown/shutdowns, I moved back in with my parents. While I didn’t want to put that out there on the internet for all to see, I know I’m not alone as the amount of young adults living with their parents are right now the majority, not minority, and this peak is the highest in recent history, even higher than the rate during the Great Depression. That being said, my stress is at an all time high, sleep, diet, and exercise at an all time low. .

As many gyms have reopened or are about to, I feel as though I have been thrown back to my high school days of my first ever gym membership, not knowing what the norms are, how to get the body I want, and being all over the place with my expectations, goals, and general anxiety.

While I’m not quite prepared to unfreeze my gym membership, the day is coming soon and I am trying to prepare.

While I fear the restrictions – how much time and space will I have? Will I die working out in a mask? – and safety risks – don’t get me started on how nasty gyms are to begin with even when there isn’t a global pandemic. I have confidence in my muscle memory and I am excited to use this opportunity to capitalize on the motivation.

It feels kind of like the excitement you have at the new year. Each January the gym is packed like sardines with people set on their goals (and maybe filled with guilt from built up New Years resolutions that haven’t been seen through in past years). For two weeks around this time I get into the best shape of my life because of that excitement fueled motivation.

I think of reentering the gym in 2020 as a sort of new year. I hope that in the last few months of the year, 2020 can receive some redemption.

With that in mind, I am focusing on keeping my expectations realistic. I won’t push myself too hard so I don’t get injured, and my goal setting will be specific.

In the past, I’ve always set broad goals, such as, “I’m going to gain muscle,” or, “I’m going to lose body fat,” or, “I’m going to workout at least 3 days a week.”

This time around, instead of focusing on goals I can accomplish in a week or a month, I want to focus on goals I can accomplish each day: set an alarm today to stretch for 10 minutes. Do at least 3 sets of a compound exercise with weight. Eat a salad today.

With these daily goals in mind, I will be more likely to see my muscle and body fat goals actualize.

What are some daily goals you can do to achieve your long term goals?

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