3 Healthy and Super Simple Desserts

No elaborate baking skills required.

  1. Dark Chocolate

Ok, be careful of this one if you’re sensitive to caffeine, but dark chocolate satisfies my sweet tooth every time and I use the typical “but it’s full of antioxidants” excuse. If you’re looking for more filling alternatives to just a square of dark chocolate, a good way to go is homemade dark chocolate covered blueberries or almonds. I also love skinny dipped almonds that you can get at most grocery stores in the US. At least Target. They’re not so thickly coated in chocolate so you’re getting a bit more protein to sugar ratio.

2. Rice pudding

I was super skeptical of this recommendation at first. And I will add, rice pudding is definitely an acquired taste. But somehow, it hits my sweet tooth in just the right way that I don’t feel the need to go back for seconds or thirds like I might with cake or ice cream (don’t judge). If you’re looking for something creamy and comforting, this is a healthier choice than Ben and Jerry’s (although I have to add their half baked ice cream is the best).

If you just can’t acquire the taste for rice pudding, jello or frozen yogurt are the way to go. I just pop some strawberry or peach yogurt in the freezer and it makes a great and cheap dessert.

3. Dessert tea

Did you know that Celestial Seasonings makes a sugar cookie tea? Whether you’re craving pumpkin pie, apple strudel, lemon meringue, or some sort of cheesecake, chances are you can find that flavor in a hot cup of tea.

P.S. I was going to add fruit in here, but I feel that’s a bit cliche and overstated. But nonetheless, a great tasting, simple, and easy dessert too.

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