Alcohol And Fat Loss

College kids may tell their parents the freshman 15 is from all that dining hall pizza and chicken tenders, but we all know where it really comes from. The booze.

Why does drinking lead to a beer belly?

Sometimes when I’m drinking liquids, I forget they have calories just like solid foods. Whoops.

The scary thing is not that you have a few beers and boom, you’re five pounds heavier. The scary thing is how it sneaks up on you. CDC Dietary Guidelines recommends no more than one serving of alcohol a day for females and no more than two for males. So following those guidelines and having say, one glass of wine a day (which really isn’t much) a woman could expect to put on over a pound each month. Five years down the line you’ll be wondering where that extra 60 pounds came from.

(Double that if you’re a man).

Did I scare you? Good, it’s almost Halloween season.

But really, how many drinkers follow CDC guidelines? I’d genuinely like to know.

It’s not just the calories in booze though. The indirect weight gain from booze comes from lowered inhibition and drunk “munchies”. Don’t pretend you couldn’t scarf down three cheeseburgers and large fries when drunk. Maybe throw a chocolate shake in there.

Now, at a younger age I could drink all I wanted until 3am and then wake up at 6am and go for a jog, but my, how things change. I can almost guarantee I won’t be in the gym, let alone out of bed for a few days after drinking. And if I did get a good workout in beforehand, my body will be too wound up getting the toxins out of me to put the time into helping my muscles recover.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should cut out alcohol completely. I mean one shot of tequila only has about 70 calories, which is no big deal. The trouble is, who has just one shot?

Sure, wine mom is going to tell you about all the antioxidants, and I won’t deny that, but again, are you really, actually, truly holding yourself accountable for having just one glass?

I have mixed feelings about beer. It usually makes my stomach hurt and I get super bloated. However, maybe having a light beer is a good way to have a drink while out with friends that will last a while, not be filled with too many calories, and will make me want to stop after one because of the bloating.

While there’s no debate that alcohol won’t help your fitness game, it’s important to find a balance in things you enjoy and social activities and not sacrifice those things completely for the sake of looking a certain way.

What’s your favorite low calorie cocktail?

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