Do You Have A Caffeine Sensitivity?

I’ll be honest, the one thing that gets me out of bed in the morning is just knowing there is a pot of coffee waiting to be brewed.

You could say I am co-dependent.

At the same time, I struggle throughout the day with generalized anxiety and struggle at night with insomnia. I’m not saying caffeine is the cause of these things, because I have cut it out for long periods and I’m still an anxious mess one way or another, but caffeine just veryyy slightly exaggerates my issues.

Caffeine is great for my productivity. It helps me push through some insane workouts I would not be able to do otherwise. And you probably don’t want to be around me if I haven’t had caffeine.

Apparently, the metabolic processes in our brain produce a byproduct called adenosine. The build up of adenosine creates the feeling of drowsiness. However, caffeine blocks this effect, thereby preventing feelings of fatigue. It may also trigger dopamine release (just like sugar, as I talked about in my other blog post) which lifts our mood.

However, I notice that even if I have just one cup at 6am, I will still have more trouble sleeping. Studies show that those with a caffeine sensitivity metabolize caffeine more slowly, meaning it stays in your system for longer. In other words, the stated half life doesn’t apply to you. This may be genetic.

If you experience a racing heart, heightened anxiety, and insomnia after consuming caffeine, you may have a sensitivity to it.

For me, I don’t plan on cutting out my morning coffee entirely (I couldn’t if I wanted to) I may just make it half caf or have just a small cup.

I also don’t know how people use an entire scoop of preworkout without having a full blown heart attack. If I do need a bit of a pick me up before my workout, I make sure to just use a small portion of the measuring scoop. I always check for non-obvious caffeinated beverages and food like some sodas, teas, kombucha, chocolate, and even coffee flavored ice cream (am I the only one who didn’t know this would have caffeine?).

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