Magic Pill For Cutting Back Sugar?

Long ago I gave up hope for finding a magic pill for weight loss.

Although companies market their fat burners, fat blockers, and appetite suppressants, empirical and anecdotal evidence suggests most of these advertised “magic pills” either don’t work or aren’t sustainable.

But new evidence is suggesting that drugs that help smokers quit may block sugar cravings. Now that is something I can believe!

If a drug decreases cigarette cravings by influencing dopamine and inhibiting the reward pathway, it would make sense that cravings for other addictive things may decrease as well. And I think sugar is just as addicting as most illegal or regulated drugs.

While my first urge after stumbling upon this information was to call up my doctor to see if there was anything they could prescribe to help with my bad sugar habit, I had to sit back and remind myself there really is no magic pill. Even a pill that can reduce sugar cravings may not be worth the side effects, in this case nausea and insomnia. Cutting out sugar, but giving up sleep is not an equal exchange. The question is always, “are the benefits worth the cost?”

So despite my initial excitement, it seems again like there is no easy way to cut back on sugar besides the typical advice like keeping it out of the house, getting enough sleep, and reducing stress. Easier said than done.

Ultimately, sugar companies hit us when we’re young and there are no regulations in place despite the possibly devastating health consequences of excess and long term sugar consumption.

Do you think a pill to cut back sugar cravings is worth it? And should sugar consumption be more regulated by the government?

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